Should You Add Wheel Spacers to Your EV?

Should You Add Wheel Spacers to Your EV?

When trying to change the way their vehicle looks, many EV owners look toward changing their rims. Whether you get new wheels made specifically for EVs or buy a set of aftermarket Corvette wheels, you’ll be able to make your vehicle look drastically different overnight. However, there are many other ways to change the look of your wheels that you might not have considered.

One popular method is wheel spacers. These metal disks sit between the rim and the wheelbase and extend your wheels further away from your car. Drivers make this change for various reasons, and it leaves many wondering if they should add wheel spacers to their EVs. In this post, we’ll cover everything you should consider before installing them.

Reinvent Your Vehicle’s Appearance

While not everyone will notice your change, wheel spacers can deliver a jaw-dropping makeover for those who pick up on it. The results of wheel spacers are most noticeable from an angle, but the larger your spacers are, the more identifiable they’ll be. It doesn’t matter what size you get as long as you’re satisfied with the results.

Boost Your EV’s Performance

Of course, wheel spacers don’t just improve your vehicle’s looks; they also enhance its performance. By widening the wheelbase, wheel spacers increase stability and cornering grip, giving you a more agile and responsive driving experience. That means wheel spacers help you turn corners like a pro.

These spacers can help with both extreme road conditions and everyday driving. Whether you’re making a quick turn at the light or avoiding some debris in the road, wheel spacers will make handling your car much easier.

However, we must mention that spacers add more weight to your vehicle. Because of the wheels poking out, you may notice more drag. So while you’ll see an increase in stability, you may also have to deal with an increase in drag.

Consider Safety and Legality

Before you run off to buy a set of wheel spacers for your EV, you should consider the safety and legality of these products. First off, as long as you install your spacers correctly, you shouldn’t have any concerns about the safety of your vehicle. There’s a lot of misinformation about spacers causing bolts to bend or break, but this comes from poor installation. If you want to avoid this issue, have a professional install your spacers for you.

As far as legality goes, it’ll vary from state to state. There are no federal laws banning the use of wheel spacers, but some states don’t allow them at all, while others will permit them as long as you have a professional install them. And, of course, plenty of states don’t restrict their usage at all.

Are Wheel Spacers Right for You?

So now that we’ve gone over how wheel spacers have the potential to revamp your EV’s appearance, boost its performance, and adhere to safety standards, it’s time to decide if you should add a set of wheel spacers to your EV. If you want our opinion, we say you should go for it, as long as it’s legal in your area. Just remember that there are many ways to change the look of your wheels—wheel spacers are just one option to make your EV stand out.