4 Common Myths About Aftermarket EV Wheels

4 Common Myths About Aftermarket EV Wheels

Are you tired of sifting through information about upgrading to aftermarket wheels for your electric vehicle? We’re here to share the truth about these types of wheels. We’ve compiled a list of four myths about aftermarket EV wheels that you should know about. Then, you can hit people with cold, hard facts the next time the conversation comes up.

Aftermarket Wheels Will Void Your Vehicle’s Warranty

We’ll tell you right now that this is not true. In fact, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 protects consumers by ensuring a warranty cannot become void because an owner adds aftermarket parts. Don’t let this myth halt your pursuit of stylish and efficient wheels! Just remember to check with your vehicle manufacturer for any requirements for this modification.

Wider Tires on Aftermarket Wheels Will Decrease the EV’s Range

Wider tires can add rolling resistance and lower your EV’s range, but many high-quality aftermarket wheels feature lightweight, monoblock-style wheels that reduce the wheel’s weight. Well-designed aftermarket EV wheels can counteract the effect of wider tires while enhancing your vehicle’s performance.

Aftermarket Wheels Are Only for Show Cars and Not Suitable for Daily Use

If this blog proves one thing, it’s that the myths about aftermarket EV wheels should not stand in the way of improving the look of your favorite vehicle. While many show cars feature flashy aftermarket wheels that may compromise performance, that’s not always the case.

In fact, many high-caliber aftermarket EV wheel manufacturers rigorously develop their designs to ensure their products meet or exceed OEM requirements. They try to offer competitive prices, making them more affordable for the average driver. You can confidently cruise in style, knowing you’ve made a solid investment.

All Aftermarket EV Wheels Are the Same Quality

Saying all aftermarket EV wheels are created equal would be like claiming generic chocolate is as delicious as the finest Swiss variety. Nonsense! As with any product, aftermarket EV wheels are available at varying price points and quality levels. If you’re unsure where to look, start at top-tier manufacturers with track records of producing premium, high-performance products. Don’t forget to check customer reviews, as well.