Wheel Warranty

Warranty Information:

Electric Performance Design's manufacturer offers a three year limited warranty (from the original purchase date) to the original purchaser of the wheels, against defects in materials and/or workmanship in the manufacturing of the wheels. Electric Performance Design's manufacturer also offers a one year limited warranty from the original purchase date on the manufacturer’s paint or powder coat finishes. This limited warranty is not transferable to any future parties. Warranty on the structure and finish is limited to the repair or replacement of wheels at the discretion of Electric Performance Design's manufacturer for any wheels determined to be covered under this limited warranty. Electric Performance Design's manufacturer does not offer a “road hazard warranty.” This limited warranty does not extend to damage due to neglect, harsh chemicals, potholes, road debris, or collisions. Tire and wheel width combinations must fall within those recommended by the tire manufacturer and vehicle manufacturer to maintain warranty eligibility. Damage as a result of improper tire sizes or improper tire load requirements will not be covered under this limited warranty. Maintaining proper tire inflation is essential in reducing unnecessary stress to the wheel over time. Wheels that have been altered, repaired, or modified in any form are not covered by this limited warranty. Damages as a result of improper installation or mounting with non-approved hardware are not covered by the limited warranty.  Inspect shipments and contact the shipping company if any product is damaged in transit.  This limited warranty does not extend to damages as a result of improper shipping or handling.  All warranty claims must be sent to Electric Performance Design headquarters in Hollywood, Florida for inspection before any claim can be accepted. Electric Performance Design will perform an inspection upon receipt of the wheel and notify the Customer if the wheel has been accepted as a manufacturing claim. Electric Performance Design is not liable for any shipping costs involved for any warranty claims; this includes any expenses as a result of removal, installation, or loss of use.