4 Tips for Hot Weather Electric Vehicle Driving

4 Tips for Hot Weather Electric Vehicle Driving

Summer is in full swing, and soaring temperatures can present unique challenges for electric vehicle drivers, but don’t sweat it! With preparation and a few adjustments, you’ll be zipping along worry-free and enjoying an eco-friendly ride. We’ll share our top tips for hot weather electric vehicle driving to help you stay cool, save energy, and take care of your beloved battery-powered ride.

Charge the Battery Slowly at Night

Your electric vehicle’s (EV) battery works hard in hot weather, and giving it some TLC is crucial for ensuring its longevity. To avoid overtaxing your battery during hot days, consider charging it slowly at night. This will keep it from overheating before you hit the road.

This method can prolong your battery’s lifecycle by avoiding heat stress, which can cause capacity loss over time. A slow nighttime charge will ensure you wake up to an energized vehicle ready for the day ahead!

Pre-Cool the Car Before a Trip

Pre-cooling your electric vehicle before departing can result in considerable energy savings without draining the battery.

Most electric vehicles have an app or feature that allows you to cool the cabin remotely. It also conserves energy when connected to the charger during that time. Doing this before driving will use energy from the charger instead of your EV’s battery.

Find Shaded Parking When Possible

Seeking out shaded parking spots may feel like a losing battle in some locations, but it’s worth the effort when dealing with hot weather. Parking your car in the sun can cause your car to heat up, including its battery. This can lead to a reduced range, as the cooling system works overtime to keep the vehicle at a safe operating temperature.

Park in shaded areas or covered parking structures, or invest in a windshield sun protector. These efforts can have a big impact on maintaining your battery’s performance in extreme heat.

Focus on Energy Efficiency

Another crucial hot weather EV driving tip for staying cool this summer is to consider your vehicle’s energy consumption. You can enhance efficiency by investing in lightweight wheels. Reducing the weight of your wheels may lower rolling resistance and pave the way for a smoother, more energy-efficient ride.

You can also use the car’s eco-driving mode, which tweaks the vehicle’s settings to prioritize efficiency over performance. As you can see, you can make many small adjustments to extend your car’s range and keep your electric vehicle eco-friendly, even on the hottest days.