What Is Tire Stretching and Is It Safe?

What Is Tire Stretching and Is It Safe?

While not overly common, we’ve all likely seen cars on the road that have tires stretched across the wheels like a rubber band. If you have seen these cars before, you may have probably wondered why some drivers do this.

This is a practice known as tire stretching, which involves mounting a tire on a wheel that is wider than the tire’s approved rim width range. This practice can raise some eyebrows, but let’s break it down point by point to learn what exactly tire stretching is all about and if it’s even safe.

What’s the Appeal?

For some, tire stretching is all about aesthetics. With the tire stretched over the wheels, the car appears lower to the ground, giving it a sleek, aggressive, and utterly eye-catching look. There’s no denying that this choice can be a bit polarizing, with many people either loving or hating the look, but can it ultimately backfire? Let’s find out.

Pressures, Strains, and Safety Concerns

When it comes to tire stretching and its safety concerns, some potential issues may seem obvious. Stretching a tire modifies its design, thus changing its performance characteristics. When tires are stretched, the sidewalls become thinner, increasing the risk of damage from impacts or road debris.

Moreover, improperly inflated tires are more likely to fail, and stretched tires tend to have less predictable pressure changes. And let’s not forget the crucial role that tires play in handling and braking. With less contact between the tire and the road, your car’s grip will be compromised, affecting your ability to control the vehicle and stop quickly.

Get the Right Size Wheels Instead

In the end, the safest and most reliable way to achieve the look you’re after without sacrificing safety is to invest in properly sized wheels and tires. Whether that means you need to buy a larger tire or a smaller wheel is really up to you.

Fortunately, if you choose to change your wheel size, we’ve got just the thing for you. Our made-to-order wheels will allow you to find the perfect size that fits both your car and your aesthetic. Investing in our customizable wheels will ensure a perfect fit for your tires, providing maximum safety and performance while still giving your car the unique style you crave.