Wheel Technology

What Is Forged Aluminum?

In the world of metal forging, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some metals are naturally stronger and more lightweight than others. Some good examples of this are magnesium and carbon fiber. Other metals, such as aluminum and steel, aren’t as strong or light as these two.

However, not many wheels are made from these stronger materials, and the ones that are made from them can be quite expensive. So how do you get stronger wheels without paying ridiculous amounts of money? Well, the simple answer is you forge some less substantial materials, like aluminum, to make them stronger. If you’ve ever seen wheels like the ones we sell made from this type of material and wondered “What is forged aluminum?” then we’re here to answer that for you.

The Forging Process

Normally, when making aluminum wheels, the metal gets melted down and poured into a cast in order to form the wheel. The forging process begins with turning the aluminum into a craftable billet, which is a long cast of metal made through a hot rolling method. This is what makes the aluminum workable.

Then the exciting part of the forging process gets underway. First, the billeted metal gets heated again and pressed into its initial wheel-like shape. From there, the manufacturer will put it on a machine that spins and forms the wheel. This is when the bead seats, flanges, and the drop well are all formed.

After that, the wheel receives a cold spin in order to fortify its exterior, but that’s quickly followed up by a heat treatment in order to make it rigid without making it brittle. Once the wheel is in its final shape, the manufacturer will media-blast the wheel before painting, powder coating, and polishing the finished product.

Why the Forged Process Makes Aluminum Better

The main reason why this process is better than casting wheels is because of the less porous design forged wheels allows for. The forging of billeted metal removes the possibility of tiny air pockets that can ruin the integrity of the wheel, and it can also remove a lot more excess metal.

All of this leads to a stronger and lighter wheel, which is exactly what EV owners are looking for in their wheels. Electric vehicles can be quite heavy, so having a set of wheels made from a forged aluminum alloy can make a huge difference in lightening the load while supporting the weight of the car.

When you understand what forged aluminum is, you can make a more informed choice when it comes to your wheels. If this is an option you’d like to use for your electric car, you should check out the expansive selection of the forged wheels we have in stock. We’re sure you will be quite happy with the choices you find.